Tuesday, February 17, 2009


The day received a late start. We didn't actually get out of Dodge until 11, but it was clear sailing...well, sort of. Being that it was a federal holiday, traffic was light almost the whole way. Charlotte got a little more congested, but not nearly as bad as we thought.

We stopped for gas around 5 and decided to eat dinner. Billy asked where I wanted to go. I really love Italian food so I suggested Olive Garden. There was one less than half a mile away...gotta love Blackberries! We were seated quickly, ordered. Will loves their pizza (sans cheese, of course!) Unfortunately, our server told us, they had put cheese on Will's pizza... Do we wait? Sure. Then the manager came to our table and explained that the pizza dough was frozen. He told Will he could have whatever he wanted...Will chose spaghetti and meatballs and was perfectly content. (they did offer cheese when they brought it to the table, but we quickly said, no, thank you!) We all shared their black tie chocolate mousse cake for dessert. It is my birthday! ;)

Our and the Garbee children called and sang Happy Birthday to me while we were waiting for our dinner. That was so cool!

We headed out. My turn to drive.... But, no! About 40 minutes down the road I started to itch, then cough. Not good. We pulled off I85 at the Anderson exit and headed left toward the big blue H sign. We found a Bloom and pulled in for some Benadryl. I was feeling pretty rotten, so Billy hung out in the hospital parking lot until we were certain that the Benadryl would be sufficient. The epi pen sat on the dash for the last two hours while I took a drug induced nap. Fortunately, all is well. I'm still itchy and hacking, but the danger appears to have passed. Another round of Benadryl and i'm heading to bed.

We are in the Residence Inn and have a little apartment with a loft. We unpacked (before the second round of Benadryl!) and have gotten directions for tomorrow's appointment. Welcome to Atlanta!

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petpeople7 said...

OK, this is my first time responding to a blog. What exactly does one say? You taught me last year how to text using my cell phone. I now have a BlackBerry so I can do it easier. Now, that I have responded to a blog, where do I go from here? Seriously...

I was glad to read that you arrived safely. What did you eat that you were allergic to? That wasn't a very pleasant way to end your birthday day! I hope you are now feeling better.

Thanks for giving me your e-mail and this Web address. I will continue to read this daily to keep up with you. Remember, you are hugged by me every day! Please give Billy and Will hugs from me.

Marion G. Coleman III said...

I am so glad that everything seems to be going in the family's direction. I have been following along through Grne's emails but the blog is a must ;) Just know that you guys are all in my prayers. I am glad to see the good Lord helped you guys arrive safely in Atlanta. I look forward to see coming updates. Love you all.

Marion G. Coleman III

MrsC said...

We don't know what created the reaction. I've had that meal from that particular chain of restaurants several times. It really makes no sense, but it was obviously something I ate...it's the only valid explanation. And no, it was not a pleasant way to end a birthday! :)