Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Ben and the dog

It was one of those moments.... It was Caroline's 7th birthday. I was cleaning house all morning, anticipating the arrival of friends and family for dinner. I finally was drying my hair when one of the kids says that Ben is crying. I asked them to send Ben to me when someone said, "Andrew needs you now." Andrew is my Joe Cool, unruffleable 15 year old. For him to need me now sends this shiver down my spine.
Sitting there on the porch in my rocker is my 8 year old...bleeding profusely. Andrew, who is holding pressure, moves his hand and I see...a mess. (For those who don't like graphic descriptions, I will spare you!) I immediately bark orders as I go to get my shoes on. Someone find Ben's shoes and get them on, find my bag, get the ER bag (yes, we have an ER bag thanks to Caroline and Will!).
What would we do without the Brooks's? There would be NO birthday, that is for sure. Randy had shopped for me on his way home from work the previous night, Erlene had wrapped the presents, and all I did was write a check. They totally saved the day. So, Erlene gets another call from me asking if she could possibly take Caroline to Costco to get a birthday cake while I hang out at the ER.
Six stitches and a few gray hairs later, we eat a birthday dinner that was saved by Chelsea who won't even eat most of what she helped prepare, ate birthday cake and ice cream purchased by Erlene, opened gifts purchased by Randy (Erlene's husband), and celebrate the good gift of children while being very thankful for the Lord's mercy toward our son and His provision of amazing friends!

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Lynna said...

Andrew is Joe Cool. That is too true. Good for Andrew! What an excellent son. And praise God for the love of the body of Christ! Way to go Brooks family!