Wednesday, March 23, 2011

An Accident on the Way to a Happening

I'm truly a klutz. I laugh that my parents named me Nancy because it means "full of grace." Really? Obviously they had a lapse in judgment or they actually named the baby in the OTHER bassinet. :) My mom actually used to tell me that I was an accident on the way to a happening...

On Wednesday nights, I run with a group in Fredericksburg training for the Marine Corps Historic Half Marathon. I'm painfully slow, but I love running and endorphines are worth the pain of climbing stairs the next day. :) So tonight, I showed up to run, and Greg asks me how I am. They kinda weren't expecting me since I was on crutches last week. I explain how the knee is better so I'm gonna try for a few slow miles tonight.

But when we start running, I end up explaining to my friend that I had a problem with my knee due to a cortisone shot that really is routine for me and that I had an MRI on Tuesday but the knee feels better. However, the swinging of my arm is painful, so I have to explain that I dislocated my shoulder when getting out of bed to go to the MRI for my knee, and the shoulder is really tender. And then I realize how utterly ridiculous I sound.

So we continue running, and just before crossing the I95 bridge, there's this huge bang...apparently a truck or its trailer ran into the bridge. From what we can tell, everyone seems fine, but it definitely added excitement to the run.

With weeks like this one, who needs reality tv????

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