Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Just Keep Swimming...

I have actually tried to update the blog since we got home, but just as I hit the "Publish Post" button, my computer hiccuped and it disappeared.  That happened at least twice, so, the slow learner that I am, I will click that little save button a few times as I type so maybe, just maybe, this post will actually make it to the cyber world.  :)

The trip home was fairly smooth.  We stood in line in Miami waiting to check our bags and our cooler of remaining IV supplies.  I was armed with letters from Dr. T and documentation from the IV company, but we did not need any of it.   We did realize that our seat assignments for the second leg of the flight had each of us with a window seat...which means that we were scattered throughout the plane, and no two of us were sitting together.  That's manageable for Andrew and Chris and maybe even Will, but for the littles?  Um, I don't think so. 

I kind of expected Miami security to be a challenge...but it really wasn't.  It took forever, and they scanned my carry on three times.  The whole stethoscope and bp cuff  thing drove them nuts.  Will of course had to be patted down since he was on an IV, but the agent was fabulous.  He chatted with Will the whole time and basically explained what he was doing, but he distracted Will with conversation.  When he finished and I finally gathered all of our stuff, he gently shook my hand and quietly whispered that he wished us well and that Will was a cool kid.  He did not have to be so gracious with Will, but he was.  And Ben and Caroline were both teasingly asked for their driver's licenses by TSA agents, so they thought the whole process was hilarious.

We grabbed lunch, flew from Miami to Atlanta, and arrived in Atlanta early.  But we sat on the plane.  And were detoured to a different gate.  And we sat on the plane.  And when we finally arrived at the new gate, it was closer to our next gate, but the hour we were supposed to be laid over was disappearing rapidly.  Billy was toward the front of the plane, so he headed to the new gate to try to get better seating assignments for us and the littles.  Caroline would be okay sitting next to a stranger, but the stranger might be ready to mutiny by the time his ear has been talked off and he finally arrived in Richmond...

Those of us in the very back of the plane finally disembarked and raced to the next gate...where Billy was still waiting for an agent to appear.  He then headed to Starbucks for me (cold, caffeinated, and caloric were the requirements) while I stood in line to manage the seating issues.  For the first time in all four flights...we ended up together.  Literally.  She maneuvered us to the very back of the plane where we had all of one row and the three seats behind.

The flights were otherwise unremarkable, and we safely arrived in Richmond where we were met by the same limo driver.  The drive home was slow due to traffic, but he regaled us with stories of his other job in law enforcement.  I asked the kids what their favorite activities were...Will answered snorkeling, Billy loved kayaking, and Caroline loved swimming.  Andrew, of course, has a need for speed and totally loved the Wave Runners, while Chris was still complaining that I was trying to dump him off of my Wave Runner.   Everyone enjoyed the trip, which was a blessing of immense proportions.

Will did, unfortunately, become ill not long after we arrived home, as did Caroline, so we have spent the last two weeks trying to get him back to baseline.  Tonight, he is sick again, so tomorrow (Thursday) we will either be at MCV or back at the pediatrician. He technically should have been in the hospital when he initially got sick, but he begged me to not take him.  If I had, he probably would have recovered much faster, but I understand his not wanting to be there.  But soon we won't have that option; he is really struggling.

So here's the rundown on all of our warped Coleman fun:

We had a blast in Florida.  We came home.  Will got sick.  Billy got sick.  Caroline's gut decided to not function, so we had to deal with that.   Caroline broke her arm falling off her bike.  Caroline caught a stomach virus.  Will is still sick...and now on his second antibiotic.  Will is sick...still...and may need IV antibiotics and a stay in our favorite suite at MCV.  Oh, and Ben broke his toe at a swim meet.   We Colemans know how to entertain the medical community!  We really should have an emergency department room dedicated to us. 

We appreciate the lovely thoughts and well wishes as we headed to Florida, and we are grateful that the trip went as smoothly as it did.  We are glad to be home, and are grateful that if Will did have to become ill, at least it was at home and not on the trip.  We are supposed to head to the beach on Friday, which we hopefully will be able to still do.  We'll know tomorrow...


Janice said...

Nancy did you check your drafts folder to see if your 'lost' posts were there? I have actually had to go and delete some that it automatically saved.
Love you and so glad that y'all had a great time in FLA. Just sorry that things had to get back to normal so quickly when you got home.

MrsC said...

I actually did check the draft folder, but they were not there. They simply vanished. I have special skill apparently... :)