Monday, June 29, 2009


So, I'm probably as verbose in writing as I am in speaking...which is not necessarily a lovely trait. But it is a known trait. :) But I love writing so much more than I love speaking, especially with the lovely Plavix drug on board. I may lose my train of thought writing, but I don't have someone standing there staring at me wondering what in the world I was saying and where was I headed with that? With writing, I can just sit still and patiently wait (or not so patiently wait) for my brain to catch up with my fingers...and my fingers can move so much more quickly than my mouth...but the devastation they wreak is so much less offensive when I can simply backspace instead of having to say, "Oh, that isn't what I meant to say!" :)

And yes, I'm babbling. It's that kind of a night...that followed that kind of a day.

Actually, the reason it all came to mind is that today, I received an email from my editor requesting another short article regarding home education and chronically ill children. I am happy to write the article, but I'm happier that I didn't tell her my initial thoughts. :) My first inclination is to laugh...home education and chronic illness are just so...incompatible. You feel like a failure no matter what you do. The needs are so great that you feel like you can't possibly meet even a fraction of them. do I teach math and not be at home? Hmmm... Does math come before calling the doctor...or after? Do I hug my 7 year old who didn't see me yesterday or do I insist that she say her math facts?

I pray that whomever reads what I have written will indeed find it beneficial and encouraging...because I know from personal experience that encouragement is so doggone hard to come by most days...

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