Friday, September 11, 2009

Do you treat pediatric patients?

That became my favorite question today. I needed to find a home health agency to administer Will's weekly infusions. Ha! After I called the first two...and the next 20 agencies, I discovered that most do not treat pediatric patients! I finally located one that did...only to discover that they don't participate with our insurance company. Well, since we've already paid out a gazillion dollars, we would really like to not lay out another $6,000, so I finally broke down and called the insurance company as well as our case manager.

There is now a company waiting to provide this lovely ER-avoiding treatment, but now I have to call the dr back and ensure that they have ordered an IV pump and the fluids that the nurse will administer. I thought this was gonna be easy, but, alas, tis not.

However, Will is approved for weekly infusions, we don't have to leave home to get them which means I don't have to take him to an ER to be exposed to who knows what, and the rest of our life can continue while he's hooked up to his new friend, Myrtle. At least I think we should name his pump Myrtle, don't you agree? Should you have a different name that seems more appropriate, then please let me know! In the meantime, I am going to get some sleep so I can call tomorrow and request that Myrtle arrive unscathed and in a timely fashion so that maybe, just maybe, we'll not need the ER again for a long while!

On a serious note, please pray that his veins hold up well to the infusions such that we don't need to put in a port. Will's immune system is compromised thanks to this lovely disease, and a port is like a constantly open avenue for infection...

Off to slumberland I drift....

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