Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Myrtle has entered the building...

Myrtle arrived this evening. She is a lovely, slender thing standing rather silently in the corner of the room with her little green "battery charging" light on. Andrew has decided to call her Bob. Bob just doesn't seem to fit, but I'll allow him to call her what he will. Here, she shall remain Myrtle. :)

The nurse is due to arrive tomorrow. This could get interesting. The order on the bag states that the 2 liters should be administered over four hours. Four hours is a long time. Especially when you have a stranger hanging out in your house with your son. Better yet, she is hanging out in a house with loads of kids and 3 dogs and 2 cats. The yard hasn't been mowed in weeks since I blew the engine in it (No, I wasn't racing it!)and the guys are working on it in their spare time. The deer got the garden so the garden is one huge overgrown disaster. The young chickens keep escaping the coop, so we even have chickens running around the property. We won't even discuss the house. We look very Beverly Hillbillies right now, so I have this sense of trepidation that she is going to dislike children and animals and she will totally be stuck with us...and us with her. So while I pray that we have this wonderful, maternal nurse with twelve of her own kids that are all grown and so she dearly misses the bustle of an insanely busy home, I fear that we have...the complete opposite. There's faith for ya, huh?

Myrtle is charged and ready to go but my batteries are on empty. I shall bid adieu and head to the sweet comfort of rest while I remind myself that the Lord really does have this under control and I really don't need to try to manage it all by myself...really. :)


psalm136_9 said...

Hi Nancy,
Aunt Jacqueline has been sharing your blogs with me and my heart goes out to you each day. I can't imagine having to go through half of what you have gone through!! You are and have been since the day I met you (my wedding day when you wisely packed a basket of food for Craig and I to go.:0) When we spent time with you in Virginia for 4th of July, I was in awe of how much you accomplished on a given day. Today I am who I am because of your influence on my life. Please know I pray for you every morning during my "Walk with the Lord." He is using you in ways and for things you will never see or know about (or at least not until you get to Heaven). Take care and continue pressing on. Many blessings, Luci West

MrsC said...


I don't have your email, so I have to respond publicly. (Hint! Send me your email!) :)

I am but a cracked vessel that I can only pray He is able to use. That actually is why I blog. I pray that someone out there is encouraged by the way we live our crazy life...and hopefully encourage them in their walk with Christ. How anyone deals with all of this without Christ is beyond my understanding.

Btw, I'm so glad you enjoyed the box of food so many years ago! :) To have been so recently grafted into your very large extended family, I was met with nothing but love and acceptance on that trip; it always amazes me.

Thank you for the encouragement. It was incredibly timely.


MrsC said...

Ok. So let me revamp that. I also blog because it allows me a voice to my innermost fears and helps me share the struggles that I can't find a way to vocalize except through my fingers and this keyboard. I'm grateful that you all give me the opportunity and you love my family despite me. I am able to be honest and real here in a way I just can't in person. For that I am very grateful. Thanks for listening. :)