Friday, February 19, 2010

Are ya listening???

When I am chatting with my kids about a heart issue, I am famous for asking them, "You hear me, but are you really listening?" They know I'm using words 'cause they hear noise, but sometimes, to them, that's all it is...noise. It's like I am standing there flappin' my jaw and they are standing there going, "Blah. Blah. Blah." Don't take me wrong. My kids are generally respectful, but who wants to be wrong? I don't and you know a teenage boy doesn't!

That being know the Lord must be saying the same thing to us..."Are ya listening???" Sometimes, I think He is there yelling at me and saying, "Would you please just get it?" But then I remember that He truly has a plan and He is very busy about working out that plan. The question is, do I really trust that plan?

This week is the perfect example...Benjamin's knee gave me quite the jolt. Two kids with issues? I mean, is there a huge sense of humor in all of this? Here I was thinking that the other shoe was about to fall and I had no idea how to manage this...and then we discovered that Ben's knee is really fine. There are issues there, but they are minor and should improve with rest, the proper exercises, and a brace that runner's use for the IT band. How easy is THAT?

I have become so accustomed to the difficult diagnosis and the constant awful news, that I just presumed that the xray reading was absolute and we were headed down another tough road. So while I am breathing this huge sigh of relief, I do have to pause and ask, "Do I trust that He is working all of this out for His own glory?" Do I really TRUST that He has my family firmly in His hands and is working in their hearts? Is He looking at me and saying, "Are ya listening?" Ouch. :)


Anonymous said...

Whew! I'm glad Ben's dx is not as bad as first feared! Bless him.

Still praying for all of you!


MrsC said...

Me too! And thank you!