Wednesday, February 17, 2010


Throughout the last few years, with all that William has gone through, we trust that the Lord is working out His plan. There is no question as to whether or not He is in control of all that is occurring within our family. When days like today occur, though, it does make me want to just ask, "Why?"

This morning...I overslept. My blackberry is generally my alarm, but I forgot to charge my phone and its battery died, so I woke up way later than normal. We ate the emergency boxes of cold cereal. Beth is going to arrive to help with school way before I am ready. She graciously pitches in and never condemns my lack of preparedness.

We start school, but I have to break to call the rheumatologist that Dr. Grubb in Toledo wants us to see for Will's blue hands. (Is this autonomic dysfunction or are we dealing with a totally different problem?) The rheumatologist wants a doctor to call and make the appointment and send records. Um, which of the 15 doctors' records would you like? I call our pediatrician and ask if Ben's knee xray from Monday had been read and ask if they would please contact the rheumatologist to request an appointment.

They return my call and say that Ben needs to see an orthopedic. Oh, THAT wasn't what I expected. What did the report say? He has multiple cysts under his patella. Excuse me? No, I'm sorry. That can't be right. Isn't there a limit on the number of children who can have major medical issues at the same time? I understand that we have more than 2.1 children, but STILL. So, I call the pediatric orthopedic to schedule an appointment...and tell them what was found, and we are invited to see them tomorrow. That was quick.

My mother in law has been really sick for weeks. We have been talking about whether or not I should drive down and pick her up because we are getting concerned. Her doctor today finally admitted her, so she is finally in residence at the hospital and is hopefully on the road to recovery. I hope! I really want her here, but I know that she is better off in the hospital...

Will is at his second sleep study tonight. They are hopefully fitting a mask and adjusting pressures for the CPAP machine for his sleep apnea. When we saw the doctor last week to discuss the results of the first study, Dr. Basir said, "I don't want to give him yet another diagnosis, but..."

So, Mom is in the hospital, Will has yet another diagnosis, and now we get to fight the whole CPAP machine every night cause ya know he is anything but happy about it. Ben is facing...I have no idea and am working really hard to leave it in the Lord's hands because His are so much stronger than mine. But I really want to just say, "Uncle!" Could we please have a reprieve here?

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Charlena Hitzges said...

Nanc, I know I've said it before, but I'm going to say it again....I love you- I'm here for you. I have really big shoulders that you can lean on. No crying- cause the two of us together, one cries, we both cry lol. So just know I'm here.