Monday, May 3, 2010

Do We Really Need to Go?

Before we put William through this trip two weeks after major surgery, I called and asked if we really needed to go. I was told yes.

Well, the reality is that we did not really need to see Dr. Cohen. As a matter of fact, he told us that we should not return until after the next surgery. Until that then, there is really little that he can do for William. So, while he is running another series of labs, there is really no news at this point. Is this frustrating? Yes. Is there anything we can do about it? Nope.

So, we are currently infusing William and will return in the morning for additional labs that Dr. Cohen wanted to run after the infusion, and then we will likely head toward home.

I don't know how well William will tolerate the drive home. The air conditioning in the car is not functioning and the back of the seat hits his head at a challenging angle. We have pillows to help with the angle, but the windows will be open and that may create issues for his allergies. So, this could go swimmingly or this could make for a long day. If necessary, we will stop and finish the drive on Wednesday.

So, we have nothing substantial to report, but we should be home in the next couple of days...and we get to stay there for a few weeks before returning to Ohio. The funny thing that happened today...the Census Bureau called today to confirm the information I submitted on our form. This is what happens when you have a larger-than-the-average American family. But they wanted to know if we all resided in the same house April 1. I so badly wanted to say yes, but no more. Most of our children reside in Virginia, but three of us actually live in Ohio. :) But I didn't...that would have only prolonged the agony of the phone call.

We are headed home! Again!

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