Monday, May 10, 2010

You're a Little Pink...

At dinner Saturday night (after a two hour baseball game which we lost by one point!), Ben looked at me and told me I looked like an Indian. So, I posted to my facebook status, "Ever seen a blonde Indian?" and Chris, my very quiet 15 yo, posted, "Now I have." Well, obviously the sun had gotten to me, because I looked at him and said, "Now you have what?" Ooookayyy. Well, now. Guess I am a blonde Indian. :) It was like I had sunburned my brain. Goodness.

So while I recover from the lovely effects of excessive Vitamin D, I am pondering how to keep the deer out of my garden. Billy is not thrilled with the concept of planting a garden with time I don't have only to feed the animals I don't wish to feed. I have nothing against Bambi...until he enters my garden. And last year, every Bambi in AP Hill thought it was Thanksgiving every doggone day! At 9 am, there's this doe just lookin' at me while she munches her way through the green beans. Well, now. It's time for her to move to greener gardens!

So today I stopped at CFC to find out how broke I would be if I bought fencing. Well, let's just say that that isn't looking like a viable option. Since we're such law abiding citizens and we don't hunt out of season, I guess we need to find another that doesn't involve dogs since my lab is afraid of the dark (really!), and one that doesn't involve vast financial resources...Oh, and the spray you can use where you have to walk over to your neighbors and tell them you really didn't have anything dead residing in your garden...well, my throat kinda swells when I use that, so that one is out too. Surely there are other viable options out there..

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Anonymous said...

A trail of human hair around the garden???

Angie D