Thursday, August 19, 2010


We are once again in the fair city of Cincinnati. Matt, our favorite Angel Flight pilot, flew the first leg, then Brad met us in West Virginia for the second leg of the trip. He was so pleasant and had a great sense of humor. We landed in Cincinnati and grabbed a late lunch at the restaurant, then headed to Target for Will's daily intake of Gatorade. Midway through Target, it was very apparent we needed to get to the hotel soon. He was fading quickly and needed fluids. So we head directly to the hotel where we discover that they only have king sized beds available tonight. You are so kidding me, right? This kid wakes up sideways in the bed and I have to share a bed with him? It is gonna be a long night...

William is now hooked up to an IV. He is looking better but it appears that our curiousity over his crashes occuring after eating is again substantiated. He does this but mostly when we travel. So, we are fairly certain that there is something prevalent in the restaurant food to which he is allergic. Finding out what that is is going to be a challenge. Avoiding it while traveling is an even bigger challenge. I have a feeling the road to Whole Foods is gonna be a familiar site to us. Finding a place where we can prepare our own food may become essential, but how that is gonna work is totally a mystery at the moment.

We see the orthopedic tomorrow. I seriously doubt that William will be allowed out of this brace, but he is ever hopeful. We may need to run another bag of fluid tomorrow before we leave, so I am glad that our appointment isn't until after 3.

On a lighter note, as I was frantically running around the hotel getting rooms moved due to the lack of a refrigerator (which we need for the IV fluids), Will waited in the first room because he just was not up to walking around. There is security all over the place...not armed security, just lots of employees ensuring that everyone is doing what they should. I ask what is going on, and aha! The Bengals are staying at my hotel. Oh, really. That explains the incredibly enormous fellows in the elevator with me. I do mean enormous. Not enormous as in wide, just enormous as in tall and a force with which to be reckoned. I was ever so grateful they were friendly 'cause I was feeling a bit minute next to them...and the only female in the elevator. Oh, dear. They simply smiled and said, "Hello." Although, I now know why the hotel has a great gym! :)

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B & K said...

Just read your post, Nancy... praying for y'all. Know that finding out what's triggering Will's crashes while eating out is going to be challenging, to say the least. Will be praying the Lord leads y'all to a solution asap. Love and prayers, Kay (for all the Oberlins)