Saturday, January 22, 2011

Here We Go Round the Mulberry Bush

We were supposed to be discharged today. Then we weren't. Maybe tomorrow?

This afternoon, William just started slipping...he was tired, not cracking jokes or haranguing the nurses, and laying down. Not good signs for him in the early afternoon. So began this huge discussion with the nurses. What to do. We hooked him back up to the fluids, but that was not gonna be enough. Finally, it hit me. If he is in an energy crisis, then he needs dextrose. Increase the rate of his fluids.

So, we doubled the rate and we watched him return to life. It is amazing how it worked, but it is also points out how fragile he still is. Not the greatest news in the world.

So now we wait. Was the extra dextrose enough of a nudge for his system to actually start working properly again? Well, time will tell. He ate tonight, which is great news, he is sitting up and chatting, which is a good sign. Will it last? Tune in tomorrow for another episode of, "As Will's World Turns."

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