Sunday, February 6, 2011

Detour Ahead

When Will was in the hospital a couple of weeks ago, we had to reschedule lots of appointments, including a Cincinnati appointment. That appointment is now scheduled for Tuesday. We did have an Angel Flight scheduled for Monday, but Cincinnati is anticipating snow throughout the day, so that was canceled this afternoon. So, we have yet another change, and now I'm driving.

I made so few plans for this trip. Last time I drove, it became this insanely long trip...on the drive up, there were two different car fires, a total interstate closure, and miles of road work. I actually cried the last half hour of the drive 'cause I was so tired. Well...the return trip was the "how many hospitals are there between Cincinnati and home." Not the fondest memories, so there is a boatload of apprehension associated with this trip.

Will has had an IV today which brings him to a total of 5.5 liters this week. Not a horrid week, but not great either. He will travel on an IV tomorrow, which makes me akin to the wicked witch of the west. He hates going out in public with his IV, but to not do so would invite disaster. So, he can just deal with it. :)

While I am very much not looking forward to this drive, I am looking forward to seeing friends I have not seen for two months. Talking to Becky tonight, she laughed and said that to her, I was away from home for the last two months. I do feel like I bounce between two homes/worlds. I miss my family when in Cincinnati, but how blessed I am to have that second home and the family to go with it. So many people in my position don't have that blessing. I can't imagine this last year without it.

So, tomorrow we drive and pray that we don't encounter any car-b-ques or road closures or detours. But if we do, we'll relax, enjoy some tunes, and patiently cope with whatever God has planned for us. It would just be nice not to have one of those big blue H signs in that plan.

When we finally arrive in Cincinnati, I'll fill you in on the current news of Caroline...Until then, I'm gonna crash so I can actually safely drive tomorrow...which is actually just later today since it's already after midnight. :)

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