Monday, February 21, 2011

Home..My Favorite 4 Letter Word!

We were discharged today and arrived home just in time to get out of the Buick and into the van to take Cam to basketball practice. I could definitely sleep for about two straight days, but it is now 10:00, the laundry is in process, and I have to be up by 6 to get Cam to a dentist appointment. Nope. Nothing here has changed. But familiar is kinda pleasant...even if it is a bit crazy.

As we were preparing to leave the hospital, it was truly an odd feeling. These people have become our friends, but we only see them under less-than-pleasant circumstances. There is a mom in particular who walks the hallways constantly with her little guy. Last month, we chatted briefly about the challenge of locating food in the hospital, especially on a Sunday evening. Everything but Subway closes at 2, so it is either a vending machine, Subway with an hour long line, order something to be delivered, or fast until Monday morning.

Today, as I was packing our stuff, I was in the family room. My sister, a personal chef, had created individual meals...amazingly yummy individual meals, for me. They were a huge blessing. I didn't have to leave the floor, they were healthy, and they were tasty. All I had to do was choose one and warm it in the microwave. Stouffers could learn a few things from Beth. Anyway, I had one breakfast and one entree remaining.

As Tabitha, who was there again with her little guy, and I were chatting, I realized that she was going to remain there for quite a while this time. I offered her the two remaining meals, and she was thrilled. What was the best part of all, was being able to share how the body of Christ has supported us and loved us and cried with us.

As we left the hospital, everyone said, "See you later!" We all know there will be a next time. But for now, we are home and safely tucked in our beds and ready for a much needed sleep.

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