Thursday, February 10, 2011

Where Everyone Knows Your Name

This afternoon I had the I take the turnpike, which adds an hour to the trip but avoids the mountains and back roads, or do I take the same route I took on the way up which of course is mountains and back roads in the dark. At the last minute, I opted for the faster route. My mistake. It was getting later into the evening, I was tired, and that is not a great combination for curvy secondary roads that I have only driven twice. So we stopped in Cumberland.

We stayed at this Fairfield Inn in May on our return trip from Will's surgery. When I walked in tonight, it was the same desk clerk and she totally remembered me. I was so surprised. She helped me locate food for a late dinner (in a town that closes its doors at 9 pm) and was just...welcoming. Being recognized for some reason makes you home...not as much of an interloper. Being where everyone knows your name is comforting. Surprising, but comforting.

As for Will...he has traveled on an IV and seems to be tolerating the trip. What he isn't tolerating is the little brace. He never complained about the big one, wore it all the time, and really was amazingly compliant with it. But now that he has the little one??? Man. I keep finding it off of him. It is like he has senioritis. The end is in sight so he's not interested in doing what he still has to do. The next two months may get interesting with him.

Time to crash so I can finish the drive tomorrow, find food to take for Ben's parent night, and actually attend parent night.

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