Friday, February 18, 2011


I feel like we have been here before ...probably because we have been here before. 

This evening I arrived home to Will totally crashed on the sofa with....another stomach virus.  So once again he and I are hanging out in MCV's new pediatric ER awaiting the news of where they will put us 'cause you know we are going to be admitted. 

Andrew started this with a fairly mild version, but Will doesn't catch the mild version of anything.  His blood pressure has already dropped once, so we have a bolus running.  The neurologist on call is a bit clueless regarding Mito, but the ER attending has a boatload of clues so he is totally bridging the gap.  I am so grateful for him, esp since Dr. T is out of town.

We will once again be admitted to the Progressive Care Unit where they can monitor him more closely.  We will once again have to suspend one of his Bp meds til his belly can tolerate it so we may be here a while...

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