Sunday, February 20, 2011

Thank You

This blog is truly a meandering of my thought processes. Will occupies 99% of those musings, but it really is me sitting at my computer, planning to write about something, and something else actually comes out of my fingertips. :)

My daily life is insanely busy. I feel like the only time I sit down when at home is to pay bills or quickly do something on the computer. In the hospital, though, that comes to a screeching halt, and I spend lots of time just sitting. (Which is why I blog more when I'm in the hospital...I am actually sitting!) But it also means I have time to think. And when Will is involved, thinking about his medical issues generally means that a fair amount of grief bubbles to the surface. When you are busy, you don't think. You just do. When you are sitting still, you have the chance to feel.

So, yesterday's blog about games and Will and loneliness was truly just an outpouring of grief. I didn't expect solutions. But, what I received in response was an outpouring of love for my son, which means yet another bout with tears. Not so sure I wanna thank you for the tears, but I definitely want to thank you for what you all have done.

William was inundated with visitors today and my inbox filled with links to card games and rules, game suggestions, and the gift of games. Someone actually brought cribbage and played with William. Robin, the world's best child life specialist, contributed by not only playing with Will, but sending in a volunteer with whom he played last time, to play with him again. From 2:00 this afternoon til ten tonight, there was literally zero down time in his day. Friends and family ensured that he was not only not lonely, but not bored either.

And the icing on the cake? Erlene baked chocolate chip cookies and brought them to us. But she brought a second plateful of cookies for the nurses because she knew that I would want to thank them for all they have done.

So when people look at me and ask me how I do all that I do, I can point to days like today when friends and family totally rally around us and show us that we are not alone. It is days like today that enable me to see just how much we are loved. This is all so incredibly hard, but we are indeed blessed.

So, thank you...for the kind, gentle reminder that even when we are sitting alone in a hospital room, we have friends and family who love us and are praying for us. There really aren't words to sufficiently convey my gratefulness.

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