Friday, June 3, 2011

I Do Not Do Sick Well

I do sick fine, actually. As long as it's someone else who's sick. Me sick? Not so patient.

I arrived home from Ohio with a roaring bacterial infection and a virus. Not just any virus, but the virus that spawned from the pits of hell. So, I have been in my bed, under the weather, and unable to eat for days. Coxsackie is in the family with chickenpox, but instead of itchy sores all over your body, you get lotsa blisters in your mouth and in the back of your throat.

So rather than just taking to my bed the first few days, I decided instead to just deny that I was sick. Really, I am fine. Which proceeded to, "Ok. I am sick, but I can still move, so I will be fine." which proceeded to, "Would somebody please shoot me and put us all out of my misery?"

So last night, when passing out from lack of food was deemed imminent, I returned to the doctor and basically begged for lidocaine in a mouthwash. The doctor took one look in my mouth and went, "Wow. Nice job." Yes, I am a perfectionist and try to do everything to the utmost perfectness, including getting really sick with this virus. I grew lotsa big, beautiful blisters. He provided warnings galore including, "If you swallow this, you will have seizures and it can be fatal." No problem. Without it I may have seizures from the pain and would prefer to be dead.

Now that this heinous virus has a name, google became Billy's friend. He decided that I really should be quarantined, so here I am in my bed, alone, with my computer, my knitting, a book, and a DVD player and after yet another nap, have decided that I may feel human enough to use the computer. I am considered contagious until the last blister pops and scabs over. (Doesn't that sound lovely?!) So if I exposed anyone to this virus unintentionally yesterday, I do apologize. When the fever broke, I presumed that I was no longer a menace to society...and without regular caloric intake, you would feel pretty crummy I figured that just was part of the recovery.

So now that I have unlimited time on my hands, I may actually take time to update the blog and regale you with more information than you wanted. But right now, I think it is time for another nap...

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Janice said...

Nancy, you sound like you have been taking lessons from Jacque! Now that you have time for yourself, I hope you made good use of it . . . like taking lots of naps. Love you, but am glad this virus isn't the computer kind, or rather the kind that can be transmitted by the computer.
Love you