Thursday, June 23, 2011

I'm Leaving on a Small Plane...then a BIG Plane

Will and I head back out in the morning (today by the time most of you read this) for Cincinnati. He has an MRI on Friday morning and then Monday morning, we see Dr. C, the neurosurgeon. Hopefully, he will state that the brain stem looks lovely and no more surgeries will be required. If all goes well, we will fly home on Tuesday.

Just as a quick the past year, we've been blessed with a large assortment of gift cards to restaurants, book stores, and Visa gift cards. The generosity of those who love and pray for us astounded us. As I am packing the last of those cards tonight, I am once again reminded of just how much we are loved. So thank you for the encouragement and the physical support that so many of you provided.

The most heard question at this point is, "How is Will?" That is such a tough question to answer. If you look at him, he looks well. His blood pressure is moderately stable. But all he's really doing is sitting on the sofa with his computer. He is receiving IV fluids on average every 36 hours.

Which brings us to the big plane...Make-A-Wish has called, and Will's wish is ready to go. We depart on July 6 for the Keys and return July 11. Jervetta, our Make-A-Wish representative, is coming Wednesday night to reveal the details of the wish. Will is psyched. The kids are psyched. And I'm psyched and worried.

Will does not tolerate a lot of physical activity, travel, or heat. Anything that requires energy has the potential to create a crash. That being said, the travel to the Keys, kayaking, and snorkeling (where not only is he swimming...exercising with resistance...but his body has to warm itself in the water) are all huge energy drains. So my job in all of this is to contemplate how much we need in terms of medical supplies. When we travel, we typically carry one bag of IV fluid for each day we are gone. For this trip, we'll carry two for each day, knowing that the potential for a massive crash exists but praying that it doesn't happen.

I need to pack for tomorrow, hopefully pull Will's IV soon, and head to bed.

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