Monday, June 11, 2012

Absence Makes the Heart Grow Fonder

I am sitting here in MCV yet again, waiting for William.  His port has developed issues over the last couple of weeks.  He was scheduled for a port study this morning, but after the issues of the weekend, it is being replaced...and it is taking forever because the previous port was deeply installed and is taking a while to get out.

So while I am actually sitting still, I figured I would finally log onto the blog and see about updating it.  And then I realized how long it has been since that was actually done.  So, how about the short version?  Is there such a thing?

Will was back in the hospital in April in what was one of the hardest admissions we have ever experienced.  It was really the first time that an attending just would not even try to grasp the situation which resulted in Will's care being less than what was needed.  The nutrition department decided to eliminate almost everything from his menu due to his food allergies, which resulted in their providing significantly fewer calories than he needed, which meant that I was buying his food and bringing it to him.  Needless to say, by the time we got home, my temper was in rare form and I was ready to shake some trees to ensure that this never happened again.  Dr. T graciously heard my complaints and is managing the situation for which I am grateful.

The brain injury is creating fewer issues in my life, but the night vision issues and fatigue and occasional "what is that word?" seem to still exist.  I am grateful for improvement but will be very happy to have this fully resolved.  I am once again cleared to run, but trying to figure out how to fit that back into our lives seems challenging.

Caroline currently is not a candidate for surgery.  While the mito question still looms, the surgeon in Ohio believes that her brain stem is fine and will not require intervention.  Good news is rare in our world, so it was really hard to believe, but we are indeed grateful for it!

The best news...of course is saved for last.  William "Cole" Winyard arrived Saturday early morning.  Caty had just sent the message that she thought labor was a myth, but alas, she learned otherwise.  :)  While pregnancy can feel like it lasts forever, it really doesn't...and at the end, you are blessed with a beautiful son. Cole weighed in at a lovely 8 lb 2 oz and appears healthy and happy.  Nana (I) certainly enjoy(s) holding him! 

So, Will and his new port are about to return to this frigid room we call recovery. I will try to be more faithful in the updates.  Life has just seemed so challenging in the last few months...


Rachel said...

I know this is not your first grandchild, but I still CAN. NOT. believe you are a grandmother.

And no, it's not just Maybelline, as you always claim. You have got some GREAT youthful, beautiful genes!!!

I'm praying for you, and for William, and for Caroline, and for Caty.

And I'm so thankful you found time to update. I think of you often!

Janice said...

THANK YOU so much for taking the time to update us. Maybe I just need to get on your case when I realize you aren't around. BUT I know how incredibly busy you are and that the only times you seem to get to update is when someone is in the hospital.
I can't really say anything, I just finished 2 blogs that I've had in draft mode for a few months and I don't have the excuse of . . . heck, I don't have any excuses except lazyness.
I will keep praying for you and the rest of the family. LOVE LOTS