Sunday, June 24, 2012

It was a Coleman Kinda Day

The stuff that happens in the Coleman world really defies explanation.  When our friends have a "Coleman Day" we really want to apologize cause sometimes it feels like our name ranks right up there with Murphy.

A couple of weeks ago, Billy was working on the Coleman bus, which is really a Ford 15 passenger van, but one of the lug nuts was stuck.  So without thinking, he pulled on the lug wrench...which promptly popped off and hit him just above the eye.  I was in the garden and heard the clatter of the wrench hitting the concrete.  When I asked him if he was ok, he said, "I'll let ya know in a minute."  Billy is stoic.  Really stoic.  Anything more than'"I am fine." can range from ...he is wow, he just amputated a limb.  So I decided that running down to help him might be wise.

Which was my undoing.

Billy's eyebrow swelled immediately but with ice, he recovered nicely...not even a black eye.

My left foot, on the other hand, swelled later that night, and almost two weeks later, is still swollen due to a sesamoid fracture.  What is a sesamoid one asks.  Well, there are two little bones in the ball of your foot called sesamoids.  When my orthopedic looked at me and asked how in the world I fractured it, I laughed and said, "Um, skill?"  So, my foot is bandaged and in a fashionable (not!) boot, and I am on crutches, non-weight bearing for 4-6 weeks.  That upper body workout I keep trying to fit in?  Well...let me tell ya...I get it regularly now.

Did I mention yet that I am now in Cincinnati?  Yep.  I break this bone, end up on crutches, and less than a week later I am scheduled to fly with Will to Cincinnati for an MRI and two doctor appointments.  Our Angel Flight pilots were fabulous and all agreed to find some way of getting me in the plane.  There goes the pride.

We are being totally spoiled by Becky R, are resting, and are seeing friends we have not seen in months.  We even got to worship this morning in our "other" church, Faith Presbyterian.  Will has had his MRI and hopefully we will get the results on Monday when we see the neurosurgeon.  Wednesday we see the plastic surgeon, and Thursday we fly home.  I miss my family dearly, but am grateful for my Ohio family.  I cannot imagine managing all of this without them. 

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