Sunday, May 31, 2009


Woohoo! Comments!

I am indeed grateful for the comments. I often treat this blog as a bit of a journal...a documentation of the life in the Coleman home. But often I wonder if this blog arriving in your inbox is just one more in a long line of emails that you would rather not receive. If you choose to not come to the website, it is ok. I just hate the thought of being one of those pesky emails that you are too polite to ask to not receive!

In reply to what it is I accomplish...well, let's just say that you have not seen my house! The garden is planted, but the house is a mess. The kids ate dinner tonight, but the laundry is in baskets waiting to be folded or ironed. I have just enough energy to sit in my chair while the boys watch a movie and type out this post in the vain hope that it provides some level of encouragement to someone...or provides some level of clear thought to me in the midst of this drug induced haze. (Have I mentioned that I really hate Plavix??) :)

Please feel free to contribute to this...this really doesn't have to be a monologue. Iron sharpens iron...we can learn from one another and dialogue about the daily life in this fallen world...

Comment on, my friends!

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