Saturday, May 30, 2009

Thumper's Dad

Remember in Bambi when Thumper is asked what his dad always said, and Thumper replied, "If you can't say something nice, don't say nothin' at all." Well, that is my motto here. Sorry for the long delay in updating the blog, but it hasn't been a load of fun at the Coleman home, so I've kept my unpleasantness to myself. :)

I have reacted to medication, so they put me on Ticlid, which apparently, I have a photosynthesis reaction to. In other words, riding in my Jeep for four hours, wearing SPF 50 (applied four times!), I still ended up looking like I had been in the sun for four days. Only I wasn't burned. It didn't hurt. It just itched and looked like it should hurt. So, back on the horrid Plavix I was sent...after I was sent back to the ER for more labwork. So now I am totally brain dead, exhausted, grumpy because I am exhausted, and really hating food because this medicine makes me ill. Lovely.

The kids are definitely showing signs of the wear and tear. There's not much happiness in Mudville. But, Andrew did get a job at Kings Dominion and will be lifeguarding this summer...He's totally thrilled. His Jeep is totally thrilled. :)

I am getting ready to attempt a new set of attire for said oldest male child. He had the audacity to outgrow the new attire before I had finished it, so I get to start all over again. At least I hadn't finished ALL of the buttonholes on the frock coat yet! Will needs attire also, but Andrew has seniority here, so he's first on the list. :)

The garden is almost fully planted finally. Two rows of beans still need to make it into the ground, but it's otherwise planted. The tomatoes are needing stakes, but mine from last year did not survive the winter, so I need to visit Lowe's and purchase new ones.

So, gardening, schoolwork, sewing attire, and maybe even cleaning my house occasionally are on the list for this summer. What's everyone else doing? You really can comment on this blog and let me know that someone out there is reading it! There's this little word at the end of every post that says, "comment". Just click it and start typing! Really. It's that easy!


Treena said...

Nancy - I read every one of your blogs (sometimes twice)! I get them via email so actually never knew you could comment... So here's the thing, I find that the less required things go by the way-side for me but yet you still manage to plat gardens and sew attires - I find it inspiring actually! All is well in the Lauer home - we had a suprise visit from Chris this week. He's en route to Afghanistan and has a week "layover" in VA - we of course couldn't be more thrilled! You and you family are always in our thoughts and prayers! Thanks for keeping the blog going! Love - Treena

The Clarke Family said...

Comment, comment, comment!!!!! Is this what you meant?

We get your postings via e-mail also and I'm very grateful to do so. You are an encouragement to us...even though I'm sure you think HOW??? But your trust in God's sovreignty when all you want to do is throw your hands in the air and give up is encouraging.

Love you & your family so much, Kelly (for all the Clarkes)

Amber said...

I'm commenting! I read your blog Mrs. C ... I enjoy having the "inside scoop" on the Coleman family's everyday lives. Almost like celebrities, right?!? LOL jk. Love you!