Thursday, July 23, 2009

Is it Monday???

Oh what a day.

It started off with researching Cleveland and finding a hotel on the Clinic property. Ha. Their patient rate was more expensive than their AAA rate (which we recently joined since I drive an older vehicle - love my '88 Jeep! - and I drive all over the US to dr appointments.) and that rate was still astronomical. It's close to the clinic, which is helpful, but convenience comes with a price. Um, if Cleveland is a frequent vacation destination for the Colemans, then we need to learn to drive through the city because we're not gonna be staying on campus very often!

I took Caroline to physical therapy and her adored therapist is leaving! He's totally amazing with Caroline and gets her to do amazing things (I wanna see each one of you plank and push up as much as she does in an hour!) and he's leaving to help set up a rehab center. While sitting in physical therapy with Caroline, I realize that Will isn't doing so well. They lend me a steth and sphyg (bp cuff and stethoscope) and I take his bp. (Yes, I know how to do that!) It's 80/50. Oh. Well, whatever we had planned for this evening is now off the table.

Chelsea has delivered Chloe to me (she and Ro are headed to the beach for the weekend and we get Chloeworm!). Billy gets the "Can you meet me at the ER to take the kids" call. I walk out to the van and my cardiologist calls. Good grief! Well, ok. That call was good. Other than the fact that my lab work was a bit weird this time and I get to repeat it week... as usual... I actually get to stop the Plavix at the end of next week! Woohoo! He talked with the world renowned guy who does PFO closures and was told that 2 months was sufficient. Well, ever the conservative one, Dr Lotun agreed to let me come off of it at 3 months. (So, yes, that was the silver lining in my day!)

So, the long and short of it was that it was a long day culminating in a visit to the ER, which even there, the doctor was phenomenal and handled Will fabulously (and thank you Dr Teasley for calling and paving the way!)...and although it looked like they might keep Will overnight...we were able to come home and sleep in our own beds. Which is where I'm heading now. As the ER doc said, "You will be spending a fair amount of time in ER's and hospitals, so if we can avoid an admission tonight, we will." Love this doctor. (When he walked in, he said, "You know more than I do about mitochondria, so tell me what you know." This guy immediately had MY respect!) I am grateful that Will's body stabilized with one bag of fluid. Welcome to my new normal.

The good news is we have a protocol. Bad news...that protocol means a fair amount of ER trips. But for tonight, we are home and not sleeping in a really uncomfortable bed in a very noisy hospital.

Not to self...put a sweater in each and every vehicle. The ER is freezing cold!!! ;)


Lynna said...

You are an amazing Mom. You're like Mike Mulligan and His Stethescope. You provide more medical care in a day than a hundred mom's are competent to give in a week! (I'm sorry, I know it's not by choice, but you're amazing anyway!)

MrsC said...

You know, it's only by God's great design that I can even take a bp. Really, who'd a thunk when I was running rescue squad duty that I would need all the geeky information that I loved? Sometimes I hate that I need to know how to take a blood pressure, but I'm so grateful that I can! God does prepare your path...whether you know it or not! :) Btw, thanks for the comment!!!! :)