Tuesday, August 4, 2009


Yes, we did actually make it home! We arrived home a little after ten Thursday evening having stopped by Pancho Villa for dinner and a greatly enjoyed margarita. :)

For a quick update...Will started a new med to boost his blood pressure. It seems to be working, but he looks a bit...chipmunkish. :) The medication causes the body to retain sodium which in turn causes the body to retain fluid which boosts the blood pressure. Well, he has plenty of fluid in those cheeks! He looks like he gained ten pounds!

Saturday, Will started his new supplements. (Did I mention that Steve at Goolricks totally rocks???) The insurance company is willing to pay an insanely large sum of money to cover one of these supplements, and Steve is willing to compound it for Will. Unfortunately, this medication is apparently insanely horrid to taste. So, please pray for William to either adjust to the taste or to at least be willing to take it without a battle, because right now, he is very UNhappy with his current distasteful lot in life. These supplements are really important in the slowing of the progression of the disease, but fighting William three times a day is going to get old really fast. So maybe you should pray that I don't grow weary of fighting? Um, can we just pray that William takes them without massive complaining instead? :)

We have Chloe once again (I picked her up this evening) since Chelsea now appears to have the flu. We're thrilled, she's uncertain, and Chelsea is just miserable. :)

I'm off to bed. It's already tomorrow. Ugh!

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