Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Time flies when you're...

Hmmm...3 weeks since the last post? I am such a slacker!

I had not seen Erlene in two weeks, so today we caught up on all that transpired. She said that she felt like she hadn't talked to me in a year. Somehow I fear that a couple of weeks in our life is like a year in someone else's. :)

The short version...

Will ended up with pneumonia within three days of the cold starting (read previous post). It was a long week.

Will is now 13! Woohoo! Caty and Andrew were able to secure enough Kings Dominion tickets for all of us, so all 13 of us went there for Will's birthday. We had a wonderful day...the weather was really gorgeous. All the kids had managed to get the day off, only Billy received a letter calling him in for jury duty. He wrote a fabulous letter to the judge explaining the situation (chronic illness, birthday, entire family...) and the judge was gracious and excused him, so even Billy was able to go!

Chelsea and Chloe were here for a little over a week. Chelsea, Caty, and I have instituted a monthly night out. We were supposed to see Craig Morgan in concert in Fredericksburg, but the weather was really iffy, so we bailed on that and went out to dinner and to Carl's instead. We had a great night and stayed dry. :)

I have officially been discharged from two of my three cardiologists and am no longer on the horrid Plavix for which everyone in my life is very grateful. It was a very long three months!

You can actually walk through half of my basement which is nothing short of miraculous and represents a lot of hard work. :) The other half might actually get done this week, but that might take another miracle.

Will saw his gastroenterologist and doesn't have to go back for a year! Whoohoo! One of the meds for his autonomic dysfunction has had the added benefit of helping the gi issues (which we realize now is also part of the autonomic issues) and since that appears to be stable, we get to go to annual maintenance. Unbelieveable. A year ago we were talking about feeding tubes. Modern drugs are not so bad! :)

We were blessed with a day at the beach with some great friends...the kids actually got to see their friends, as did I. It's been a long, very lonely summer for all of us. My kids experienced jelly fish for the first time...that was exciting. Not.

I am running again! I conquered a 3.5 mile run last week so I finally feel like I am getting back to something that resembles normal...There was no running this week due to too many schedule conflicts, but I'm hoping to rectify that next week. I just might get to run that 10K in October. That would be so very cool.

For those of you who haven't seen Chris this week,'ll have to find out for yourselves.

Billy is still working insane hours. I'm still struggling. The kids are needing school to start, but I sorta need to find the tops of tables before we can go there. Hmmm...tables. Are there really tables under all that stuff or are those piles simply suspended in midair? I guess we'll find out...after we find the basement floor! OR maybe I'll just pretend it all away and go the the beach for the day. We'll just steer clear of those jellyfish. :)

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Lynna said...

I love you because you are so real. And for so many, many other reasons.