Monday, November 29, 2010

My How Time Flies

I do realize it has been more than a week since an update was written. That week was so crazy, though, that there was no time to even touch my computer beyond the basics of paying bills. So, how about I just give you the basics...

We arrived home on Sunday following a very fun flight with Charlie. Billy picked us up and drove us to the Brooks's house where we had chili and a great visit with the whole extended clan. We were headed home, though, when Caty drew me aside and expressed concern over how she was feeling.

After we unloaded the car and unpacked the basics, I headed to the hospital to meet Caty and David. The end result of that evening was the knowledge that indeed, Caty was in the process of a miscarriage. I really am just numb at this point. I grieve for her and their loss as well as ours. Inside I want to just scream and say, "Seriously??? How much more???" but that really isn't helpful.

The littles had school Monday and Tuesday, so those days were spent trying to unpack, put away, and create a path to my desk. My office is the room that catches all of the "I don't know what to do with this" or "someone is coming over so let's hide everything in here." Also, I have never seen the refrigerator that empty, so, out of mercy to my teenage boys especially, I spent the next three days visiting Wegmans, Walmart, Costco, and BJ's so a mutiny was not forthcoming.

Tuesday, the Buick broke down in Fredericksburg, so after dropping off that day's load of groceries, I picked up Billy. It was our 25th anniversary, so he took me to dinner at Bravo! and a movie.

Which brings us to Wednesday evening. Abigail had conscripted help, baked us a turkey, and in essence, salvaged Thanksgiving for my family. She and Linda delivered it all Wednesday afternoon. I truly have no idea what my family would have eaten that day had they relied upon me to cook. (In the last month, I think I have cooked maybe three meals. Maybe. Probably more like one or two.) There just is no time.

Thursday was spent with family and friends. It was probably the quietest Thanksgiving we have had since our first year (which was actually our first week) of marriage. (Dallas lost so it was indeed a great day!) Abigail came over in the evening and endured an amazingly tame game of Buttons. She handles our loud, crazy family remarkably well. :)

Which brings us to Friday. Caroline and I met Cailin's mom in Fredericksburg to do some shopping. We managed to avoid the worst of the crowds by going to Southpoint which was perfectly fine with me. Shopping without a list is stressful for me, (Yes, I am rather OCD.) and who had time to create a list? But Caroline was in heaven. Justice for Girls, Kohls, and 5 and Below are a dream day for that child. Somehow I missed the shopping gene, but Caroline definitely received hers.

Friday afternoon was spent at the laundromat with the littles. (When I arrived home, the washer was not functional. So, we await our favorite repairman whom we know way too well!) We used 11 washers and 8 dryers. Seriously, the laundry was just a little out of control!!! :) Home to dinner, starting an IV, and packing.

Saturday, we headed to Richmond to the airport. Someone from Billy's company had donated her frequent flyer miles to us. There had been insufficient time to request an Angel Flight (It takes 5 business days, but we only had two and a half.), so we were going to have to either drive or fly commericial. Driving is so not a good option for William (I already bought that t-shirt!) and flying commercial is expensive. But the gift of airline tickets was priceless. We were also blessed with hotel points sufficient to cover our week in Cincinnati. A car was also provided. After such an incredibly difficult week, not having to make arrangements or funds to manage this week truly left me speechless. (Which I realize is a feat!) :)

Will handled the trip moderately well. He did need another IV on Sunday afternoon, but so far he seems to be holding. He certainly does not look great, but he isn't totally lethargic either (at least not until you mention schoolwork!). I am hoping that a quiet day today will provide him with the rest he needs to endure the next two days. We have to be at the hospital by 8 tomorrow morning for an MRI and by 9 Wednesday morning, so this could get challenging. He does not do mornings well. :)

So for the moment, we are hanging out, living an almost "normal" life. Yesterday at church, it was truly amazing to feel so at home. We chatted with friends, made plans for the week, and worshipped as we would have in Virginia. I feel like I have two lives. One in Virginia with my family, and one here in Ohio with William. If Will actually gets better and we no longer have to travel here, I will truly and deeply miss the friends we have made here. Yesterday, Becky R was so funny...she said that when I am not here, it's like I am out of town. I am simply grateful that, considering the amount of time I spend here in Cinci, that I do have a "home" and great friends.

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