Sunday, November 7, 2010

What did you say? Would you please look at me?

Those are words I have heard a lot over the last week.

I had not really noticed a huge change prior to this trip, but then, we hadn't really walked around much. We seemed to have had a lot of face to face chats. I had noticed what appeared to be rudeness...Will talking over other people. But on this trip, if we are walking side by side, Will just could not hear me unless I turn my head and talk directly to him.

I finally asked him about it today. His response was a matter of fact statement that he had noticed the change but hadn't said anything. Are you serious?! This is not the kind of thing that you don't just not mention. So, yes, in locations with lots of background noise or if someone isn't facing him, then he struggles to hear what they are saying. He doesn't feel like he has fluid in his ears, muffling his hearing. He just is struggling to hear.

So, just one more item in a long list of concerns...

We head to the hospital at noon tomorrow for admission. They will be starting his IV of D10 1/2 normal saline and IV l-carnitine. He has a CT scan at 3. Surgery is at 9 am Tuesday.

Billy is enroute now. Thanks to a couple of tractor trailer accidents, he will likely not arrive until around 1 am. He is having a bit of a long day...

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