Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Surgery Update

For those on our church's prayer chain, excuse the redundancy. Under the circumstances, it was expeditious to copy and paste. More will follow as time and opportunity exist.

The tracheostomy was completed. No clue how long he will have the trach, but we know a minimum of five days.

Huge blessing: The plastic surgeon did not have to deconstruct the jaw, so minimal disfigurement has occurred, and the recovery should be easier.

The bone that they had to remove was apparently soft. No one knows why. But the remaining structures appear normal.

We are waiting on the plastic surgeon to close. Due to the opening that he had to create, there may be need for further surgery as a speech deficit may occur. Time will tell.

So, overall, things went very well...better than anticipated.

Billy and I were blessed beyond measure...Becky brought lunch and stayed throughout the majority of the surgery which kept me from crying all day. It was a relief to laugh and not contemplate what was happening with William. Matt, pastor of Faith Pres, stayed with us as well. We even had another acquaintance drop by and visit briefly. To be so far from home and have such support is truly a gift of God and a testimony to the body of Christ. We are indeed blessed.

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