Monday, October 5, 2009

Flu...and mito

Sorry for the brevity, but here we are...We went to MCV this am with tacchycardia (our favorite problem these days) and the inability to stand without early signs of passing out. They administered 2 liters of fluids and sent us home.

Upon discharge, he was back to our normal, goofy Will. On the trip home, I literally watched him deteriorate. By the time we got home, his fever was 103. back to MCV we went.

Preliminary lab work suggests it is the flu. Which one we won't know for at least a day. He has received Tamiflu and another liter of fluid. His heart rate is still tacchycardic (came in at 120, has hit 154, and is now hanging around 118.) We are waiting to see if they plan to admit him or not. My presumption is that they will.

The flu is more difficult for William for a number of reasons. The main issue is that his body is busy expending its limited energy fighting the virus and can't make enough energy to support all of the other normal functions as well. Basically, he is in a major energy crisis.

At the moment, he is resting quietly, watching a movie, and waiting to see what the plan is. Billy is here with us. Andrew is holding down the fort.

We do have friends willing to step in in the morning...we will keep you posted as we learn more and have time.

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