Monday, October 12, 2009

It is all about perspective...

I mean really. Cold is cold, right? But, then again, there's a whole different kind of cold when you decide to NOT check the weather and drive off on a beautiful, sunny October morning in a Jeep with no top and no doors...and then the rain moves in and the temperature drops about twenty degrees and you don't even have a sweater...and you are driving down the road at 60 mph. The concept of wind chill takes on a whole new perspective! Really.

That is when you really know who your friends are! :) I humbly called Erlene from Wawa where I was warming my frozen hands around a piping hot cup of coffee when I asked her if I could please maybe borrow a sweater? She lives a mile away from this particular Wawa and she loves me despite myself. So she graciously agreed to lend me one of Kelly's sweatshirts (I totally owe you, Kelly!) that I promptly put on and did not care that it matched nothing I was wearing and have never been so happy to see a hoodie in all my life. I even wore this hoodie into Bloom where I promptly dropped the cup of coffee all over the floor...

How much attention can you possibly draw to yourself? Driving a Jeep with no doors when it's 60 degrees while wearing capris and sandals that are way too cold for the weather and a hoodie that does not match. And then you dump coffee all over the floor.

But I was warm.

And when I got home, I very sweetly told my men that I would welcome assistance in putting the hard top back on the Jeep at their earliest convenience. Darn. Summer's over!

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