Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Quick Update

Andrew played chaperone to two very tired parents last night. He brought Billy to MCV to spend the night with Will and took me home for some much needed sleep. It is amazing what rest will do for a person. :)

So, here's where we are. Will's fever is significantly lower. It still goes up as medication wears off, but it's not nearly as high as Sunday. (With autonomic dysfunction, the child can be burning up and a thermometer can get a different reading every time you take it. Even with the highest reading, it still may read too low.)

He still has GI issues, so the current discussion is when can they release him. Current philosophy is that he will remain there on fluids until the GI issues resolve because the threat of dehydration is so significant for him. (They put 3 liters of fluid in him Sunday!) When asked how long that might be, the answer was "maybe toward the end of the week." I requested to pull him off of his gastroparesis medication, but that medication also helps the mitochondrial disease issues. So it's a bit of a catch 22.

I need to head south so Billy can return to work...Thank you so much for the encouraging emails and phone calls and visits. They are deeply appreciated!

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