Tuesday, October 27, 2009


Well, the decision was made. The weekly infusions have kept us out of the ER, so they are going to install a medport in Will to eliminate the weekly sticks for an IV.

A medport is basically a catheter that is inserted in a vein near the clavicle. It's a minor surgical procedure. (There is never a minor surgical procedure with a mito patient!) We should hear in the next few days when that will happen. It will make the weekly now-8-hour infusions a little more manageable since I will be able to hook him up overnight instead of all day. It also means that his veins won't be so full of scar tissue that they are unusable. He's already lost one vein, so we're trying to not lose the others.

In the meantime, Will and I are trekking back to Richmond tomorrow to get his back checked. It popped three weeks ago and still hurts. Xray showed no fracture, so we're not really sure why it still hurts.

So, that is the short version of what is happening...I'll keep you updated after I get some magical sleep. :)

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