Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Cincinnati Bound

Dr. Cohen talked to Dr. Crone who talked to his secretary who called me...all in about five minutes. :) The end result is that we have an appointment in Cincinnati at 1230 today.

Will's labwork was incomplete upon our departure, but Dr. Cohen said he would call us later. Will's case is a bit complex so sorting it all out is going to take some time.

So, the information as we know it is that Dr. Cohen is convinced that Will will require surgery to remove the pressure from his brain stem. Once that happens, it will be a waiting game to see how much of the autonomic dysfunction disappears and how much remains. There seems to be little doubt that the surgery is required.

We are currently enroute (4 hours) from Cleveland to Cincinnati. Gotta love technology. My blackberry (which is functional again!) is tethered to my laptop allowing me internet access. Having a techie for a hubby has unexpected benefits. :)

I should be able to send an update sometime this evening.

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