Thursday, December 3, 2009


Briefly....William will be undergoing outpatient surgery Friday morning to implant a port to make his infusions less painful.

That being said...his last surgery was a bit traumatic in that he wasn't really asleep...he came back from recovery telling me what happened during the procedure. He was paralyzed but not really "asleep" so he couldn't tell anyone that he was actually "awake".

So, tomorrow brings with it its own issues...mito is a funny disease in that his body processes drugs differently than the average kid's. He may end up in a full blown mito crash. Or he may be fine.

So, we would be grateful for your prayers for peace, wisdom, and strength for what tomorrow brings. Our God is a mighty, sovereign God. He has Will firmly in His hands. Of that we are confident. Please pray that Will will know that confidently. Please pray for the other kids who will remain at home...


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