Saturday, December 12, 2009

It keeps creeping closer...

It is hard to believe that Christmas is two weeks away, which means that Cleveland is two weeks and two days away. Guess that means my shopping needs to be completed. Yikes! Where does that fit?

Just for the record...I write a lot about how difficult all this has been, but I hope that you also remember the blessings that we have received. God is very real and is at work in time and space and in our family. As difficult and painful as all of this is and continues to be, so does His grace abound. Maybe we are fortunate in that we have the opportunity to really see where He provides and where we have no choice but to trust that he WILL provide. Most of you don't have the opportunity to so clearly see His provision.

Right now, we have the Christmas and Cleveland expenses staring at us, but we also have this huge deductible looming. At times it seems utterly insurmountable. But we have God's promise that He is right there looking at those needs as well. So, for those who need to see God's ya go...

First. We were accepted for an Angel Flight for our Cleveland trip. It means that Will and one parent and no more than 50 lb of luggage will be transported in a private plane by a pilot that donates his time and resources to our family so we can get to Cleveland.

Well, then Billy's work scheduled lightened and now he can go. So now what do we do? Well, just yesterday, a friend's brother donated an airline ticket (on our favorite airline!) to Billy so he could also be at this dr's appointment. This brother doesn't even know us. Does he realize what a huge gift this is?!

Does that cover all of the expenses in Cleveland? Nope. But it helps. We won't be driving in uncertain weather. Will will hopefully handle a short flight better than he handled the last Ohio trip. And Billy gets to join us.

On the days when we just can't see daylight, we have to trust that even in this, He loves us and cares for us...We may not like how that looks sometimes, but I would rather be close under His wing and struggling with the ills of this world than having no hope. Because without Christ, there is no hope. Unfathomable.

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