Friday, December 4, 2009

Looks Like We Made It!

We arrived at the hospital this morning, and whom should we meet, but the very same anesthesiologist from Will's T&A in January! She read through the chart, thought, "This must be the same kid," and sure enough, it was. She was very willing to read through all of the Atlanta information, compare it to what she did in January, and feel very comfortable that we would not have a repeat performance. In other words, she was fairly confident that Will would not remember this procedure...and she was right. It is amazing how the Lord works!

The procedure went well. The surgeon is not only very competent but a truly gracious gentleman who was very patient with all of our questions. The anesthhesiologist offered to infuse him fully today so he wouldn't have to do it again in two days. While I realize that it didn't really affect her as much as it did the nurses, it was still beyond thoughtful that she was willing to do it.

David Charles came by and brought a couple of slices of chocolate cheesecake that he had made, and Caty came bearing the lovely gift of food. Will was fading and needed calories along with that lovely bag of fluid (the popsicles and soda I had brought for him were just not enough!); Caty brought him some soup and me a salad and a lovely Diet Coke.

We arrived home around 7 Friday evening. He has since struggled with some energy issues, some tacchycardia, and some autonomic problems, he is doing remarkably well. Thank you for your prayers...

I apologize for not posting this earlier... I just opened my netbook and here it was and I realized that it had patiently waited for me to return to it. I apparently suffered from short term memory loss...Now...what was I doing??? :)

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