Thursday, January 14, 2010

Mixed Emotions

Last Monday night, I broke down and submitted Will's name to Make-A-Wish Foundation. Because mito falls under muscular dystrophy and Will's current situation qualifies as life threatening, he qualifies for a wish. I knew it would be no problem getting him approved, but somehow submitting his name makes all of this seem...more real. There is something about receiving the call that explains, "Your son has been approved for a wish. We would like to ask you a few questions about his interests so we can refer that to the volunteers who will handle his case." Gulp. On the one hand you are thrilled that he gets to basically dream up something incredibly cool to look forward to through the coming months, but on the other hand you really don't want him to have to experience what he has to experience in order to qualify for this cool dream.

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Anonymous said...

Sending prayers up for you all. And hugging you the next time I see you!

Angie D.