Sunday, January 31, 2010


I know. 3 posts in two days is a bit unusual...but I've kinda been squirreled away in my office the last couple of days working on school stuff. No, blogging isn't school stuff. It's just my version of, "I'm so tired of sitting at this desk, may I please escape?"

So, here we go. If you aren't tired of me and would like to either receive or continue to receive new posts directly to your inbox so you don't actually have to come to the blog, then, click that little box to the side that says "Subscribe Here" and enter your email address. You will receive an email requesting you to confirm your subscription. So if you really want to receive the posts as email, you then must confirm the subscription by clicking on the link in that email. That's it. Then you get to find me in your inbox instead of actually having to remember where that link was...

And don't forget, you really can comment on the posts. And I made that easier for you as well. Now you don't have to log in, you can comment with a simple click on "comment here".


The Clarke Family said...

Thanks for 3 posts in 2 days!!! Love hearing from you. You & your family are in our prayers daily. Love you

Catherine said...

Here is a comment just for you! =)
love you!!!

Maria S said...

Love your new added photos! You're such a great Grandmom AS WELL as Mom! I'm reading and praying. Lots of love,