Saturday, June 5, 2010

Boring is Highly Underrated...Really

Did I actually say last night that I wished for a less entertaining drive home? Well what was I thinking? Nothing about this trip has been boring, so why should the drive home?

We checked out of the hotel this am and headed to a Bob Evans for breakfast. No trip to Ohio would be complete without one meal at a Bob Evans. :) We checked Poynt, an application on my Blackberry that helps you find things like restaurants, movies, or businesses through the use of the gps. Well, sure enough, back to Newport we went. Come to find out, it sent us to one we had visited on our previous trip. We ate, restarted the gps, and headed toward home...for at least a little while.

Will's bp was low this am, but not alarming. I knew we would have to stop this evening in time to get an IV started, but I thought we had enough room to get a few hours under our belt. Um, think again. We were maybe 45 minutes down the road when Will starts to wilt. I ask him if he is okay, and he says yes, but very soon thereafter he says, "I need fluids NOW." OOOOOOkay. There is a rest area a mile down the road. I pull off and take his bp with him sitting in the car. Ruh roh. It is down to 86/38. I run inside and ask where the nearest hospital is.

He is fading fast and I am calling Billy asking for directions to the hospital because I don't want to deal with my gps and Will and drive. I called ahead and alerted them that I am on my way in with Will. By the time we got there, Will was in really awful shape. He is sweaty, tachycardic, sighing (air hungry...really not a good sign), and unable to walk in. I run in for a wheelchair after leaving the car in a handicapped parking spot. At this point, you can ticket me for parking illegally. I just want to get Will inside.

The staff was a little unresponsive until they got about five minutes into his medical history. Then things started to move...the doctor was phenomenal, the nurse (Celeste) loved Will, and overall, they were cautious but very understanding and helpful. Celeste actually just came by to see how Will is doing. (Where do we find the Daisy award recommendations???)

We have been invited to spend the night, enjoying their hospitality, and should get back on the road tomorrow morning. I am so very grateful that we have good medical care available to us and that everyone here has been so understanding. I am concerned about the drive home tomorrow after spending a night in a hospital. It isn't the most restful of places and we have a long way to go...

Maybe the rest of this trip will be uneventful? Now that would be a welcome change! :) At least the sink in this roomd doesn't leak. :)

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Kirk & Angela said...

We're praying for you, dear ones!