Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Just One More Night...

Well, the lifeline was removed from Will and he seemed fairly stable. We packed all of our stuff in preparation of continuing the epic journey to Virginia. Glucose was fine. Bp was lower but still ok. The nurse was leaving the room to obtain the discharge papers when Will stood up and said, "Um, I don't think we are going anywhere." OOOokay.

The nurse called the doctor who arrived momentarily. Labs are fine. Vitals are fine. But Will states he is exhausted and feels weird, like how he felt when all of this started. The resident leaves, calls the attending pediatrician who talks to Dr. Teasley, and we hang out in the room kinda not sure of what to expect.

The end result is that Dr. Teasley wants us to remain here for one more night. No fluids, just regular checks of vitals and monitoring of Will's condition.

So while we enjoy the hospitality of Pittsburgh Children's Hospital, a friend back home was finding an amazing Italian restaurant to bring us dinner...actually it was an amazing dinner that could easily have fed an army. It was so lovely to not be eating hospital cafeteria food. What a huge blessing!

So, maybe tomorrow we will head toward Virginia on our epic quest to get home. Will is vastly improved tonight, so as long as his vitals remain steady we should be golden...

Thank you for all of the prayers and concern that so many of you have shown. While Erlene continues to hold down Fort Coleman and the Huttons host Caroline who will never want to come home (oh, so many girls and so little time!), we are humbled by the love and affection and concern expressed.

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