Wednesday, June 2, 2010

See ya!

It's time for us to leave our sweet state of Virginia and once again head north to Ohio. This time, however, I'm driving Will and me. Yep, just us and yep, I'm driving. We have appointments with the surgeons on Friday. Gotta love Cincinnati Children's! The Clinical Concierge organizes your appointments for you so that you can see everyone on the same day. Considering the sheer expense and time necessary for the travel, it's amazingly helpful to not have to hang out there for a week just so you can see two or three doctors.

So the current plan is to leave in the morning and hopefully arrive tomorrow evening (late). The appointments are all on Friday, so we will plan to depart Cincinnati late Saturday morning. I'm not sure how far we'll get on Saturday. 1200 miles in three days is a bit...taxing, especially with no relief driver. (Even West Virginia frowns on 13 year olds driving on highways!) :) So, if I'm too tired, then I will stop Saturday evening and complete the drive on Sunday.

It's a bit of an aggressive schedule, but from a budget and family perspective, it's the best decision. So, prayers would be appreciated, especially for solid, deep rest for me. Will's bp was 88/40 this afternoon before he received 1.5 liters of fluid by IV. He's been drinking a quart of Powerade Zero every day to try to keep his bp up, but it's just not sufficient. So, we are going armed with our 45 lb of medical equipment, have requested a fridge in the hotel room to store IV fluids, and are praying for a smooth, easy trip...

I'll update hopefully in the evenings. I even packed the real camera, so if I can figure out how to upload the photos, I might even include a couple. Maybe. That is a big IF. I'm so not the tech savvy one in the family!

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Kirk & Angela said...

Praying!!! Thanks for the update.