Monday, June 7, 2010

Just Maybe...

We finally were put in a room around 530 this morning. The hospital has only been at this location for a year and is beautiful. The rooms are large enough for the parents to remain with the child, there are laundry facilities on the floor (which was incredibly helpful since we were running desperately short on clean clothes!), and the nurses were great. Are we blown away by this hospital? No, but it has been infinitely better than the other two we were in this week! Aesthetically it blows everything else out of the water. It is truly beautiful.

Angie has a friend who lives in Pittsburgh, so she bribed Susan to bring me a Chipotle burrito bowl (for which I am forever in her debt! Real food!) and her boys brought games to play with William. It was the best hour. Will was laughing and playing. Yes, he went to bed as soon as they left, but he really enjoyed the opportunity to play Apples to Apples. What a huge blessing for both of us! Angie, you have no idea how much I appreciated what you did!

So, we were able to sleep from about 630 until about 745 when the nurses and doctors returned. Billy helped Andrew find his way out of the city and toward the Turnpike, then Billy returned to the hospital. I did laundry...oh, the mundane can be a beautiful thing. And clean clothes are appreciated not only by us but by our nurses. :) Will took a shower. We have such vast accomplishments to show for our day.

We have now eaten (Chipotle'!!!) and Will is enjoying cable and Mythbusters. It is the most peaceful time we have had in days. Hopefully, tomorrow will be amazingly calm and we will get to go home and actually get home instead of touring more hospitals on the route that leads toward home. :) Not that Pittsburgh is on the route home (We actually made negative process last night!) but it IS further east than Cincinnati, so in the overall scheme of life it is sorta on the path home. :) However, since we weren't asked to actually write reviews of hospitals it would be so much more pleasant to enjoy the scenery instead of the view from a hospital window. Now, for some of that elusive sleep!

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