Sunday, April 12, 2009

How many ER visits can YOU make in one month?

Is there a world record for legitimate ER visits in one year? If so, I think we're out to break it!

Andrew was playing basketball with Chris. The ball bounced off the rim, hit Andrew's hand, and Andrew's thumb gets close and personal with his eye. Thumbs and eyes are not supposed to connect.

After deliberating for what felt like forever, I finally google eye injuries. Light sensitive? Check. Blurry vision? Check. Painful? Check. That won us a ticket to...the ER!

Can I just say that I love the pediatric ER at MCV? They are amazing. There was no delay (10 PM on a Friday night!), the staff were amazing and pleasant, and best of all, efficient! The coolest part of all? When they put the dye in Andrew's eye to see the extent of the corneal abrasion, his eye was flourescent yellow (and they let me look!)! It was so cool! His corneal abrasion was incredibly significant, so everyone wanted to take a peek at it...except for two residents who were looking for the eye trauma and were really disappointed that Andrew's thumb wasn't still stuck in his eye. :) (You know you're at a teaching hospital when...)

The good news is that it is healing well. The bad news...his vision is still a bit blurry. We return in the morning to have it checked for the third time, so we're praying that his vision is improved and there will be no long term issues...

By the way, this means we are up to four ER trips this year...all legitimate. Anthem may hate us, but we may just make that famous little record book! Yikes!

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