Wednesday, April 29, 2009


So, there was this lovely break in the weather. It became insanely warm for April, but they sky was a beautiful blue, and I had to drive to Richmond. Imagine that. :) I never drive to Richmond.

The top is off the Jeep! I pull out of the gas station on my way to my favorite hospital to obtain a new fashion accessory (a Holter monitor) when a guy in a pickup truck rolls down his window and asks me if I can handle that Jeep?! Um, yeah! I smile as I leave him behind...far behind.

There is a learning curve involved in driving your Jeep... Remember that you have a very small gas tank and you can only drive 200 miles before you must once again fill your tank. Always wave courteously to other Jeepers (Sorry...but JK's are excluded from this particular courtesy...According to Andrew, JK's aren't really Jeeps.) ;) Don't forget the's much better than listening to the droning of the 18 wheeler next to you... Your Nalgene will get warm...consider an insulated bag. Last but certainly not least. Don't forget the sunscreen!!!!! Ouch! ;)

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