Monday, April 18, 2011

The Good Kind of Tired

While we have only had two doctor appointments so far since arriving in Cincinnati, I have still had a bit of a crazy schedule. But it's been a good crazy.

Friday Will hung out with his friend, Chris for a few hours, then we saw Dr. Crawford. He was pleased with the progress visible on the CT scan images, so he said Will could come out of the brace...after he gave Will a hard time for not wearing it for the last week. Will smiled sheepishly and Dr. Crawford told him that he could swim recreationally, but not as a sport. Anything with impact, contact, or jarring is not ok so flip turns and diving are not ok. Will is ecstatic. Time to go buy the boy a swimsuit!

Will has been "medical hold" for Make-A-Wish Foundation for the last nine months. Since the brace is off, we can remove that hold and move forward on his wish. I told Katie, our case manager, that I would call her Monday morning and let her know how the appointment went. She is supposed to be restarting the paperwork...

Saturday morning I ran with some friends here who run way faster than I do. It was just a really good run with a good friend as long as I didn't try to talk. Afterward, we went to the church workday. It was rainy and cold and there were 12 cubic yards of mulch to move. We were still in our running clothes, which means I was also wearing a baseball cap since it was raining and praying no one would recognize me. One of the women asked me if I was new or just visiting. I laughed and said, "Both." After talking for a few minutes, she realized who I was...and stated that I look so different. I laughed. You would too if you ran almost five miles, got rained on, and then moved a bunch of mulch. I was very happy to grab a shower and put on warm, dry clothes.

Becky R and I ran a few errands, baked banana bread, and made cookie dough while Will had yet another IV. It was such a great day. I was thoroughly exhausted by the time it was over, but it was a good exhausted. I had spend time with good friends, accomplished something, and even got a great run in.

Today, we went to church, then Will and I headed to the Reds' game. Thursday after Will's CT scan, we dropped into Guest Services at the hospital to see Kim. She saw us, threw her arms up and said, "Unbelievable! We just got Reds tickets for Sunday and I can't imagine anyone whom I would like to give them to more than you!" Will was thrilled, I was thrilled, and so today we got to go. In the sun, it was cool but where we were sitting there was total shade and a steady breeze. It was so cold. The end of the game was a nail biter, and we ended up losing, but it was a great afternoon.

We got back to the Riggs's house just in time for covenant group. Will really needed fluids, so we started yet another IV and then I joined the adults while Will bonded with his computer.

It has been a total whirlwind of a few days, but it has been so good. Will got to hang out with a friend from church with whom he chats online, and he attended a baseball game. He gets to do it all again tomorrow. I have not seen him smile this much in months. He has needed an insane amount of fluids, IV's almost every day, but it has been so encouraging to him. I am totally amazed at how well we are cared for here in Cinci. It is amazing to have a real home away from home...and friends who welcome you back as if you were never gone. How do people manage daily life, much less crisis, without the body of Christ?

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