Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Here we Go Round the Mulberry Bush...

Well, this mulberry bush is making me dizzy. Seriously.

We had great flights. The first set of pilots was lovely. They were great with my little guys (who went with us this morning to the airport) and gracious with Will. We met Charlie, the second pilot, at Beckley, enjoyed lunch with all of them, then headed to Cinci. Charlie is always fun; he has an amazing sense of humor and just doesn't take life too seriously. For that leg, I got to sit in the right seat and totally enjoyed the flying lesson. For the record...keeping a plane at a steady altitude is not as easy as it seems. We felt like we were on a roller coaster for a few minutes, then I got the hang of it and impressed him with my finesse. It really was amazing...except that my leg fell asleep 'cause I was sitting on it 'cause I am so short I couldn't see over the dash of the plane. Details...details...

When we landed in Beckley, Will complained of his ears hurting. When we landed in Cinci, he was miserable and beginning to fade on me. I love my phone...I opened an app that found an urgent care facility and headed there. They took one look at his med list and said, "He takes all of these???" Um, yeah. Why do you think I carry a book around with me? Then came the list of that point she just walked away from the computer and told me to tell the doctor about it because the computer couldn't handle the information. Lovely. Where am I???

We weren't necessarily in the best section of town, nor was this office creating a sense of well-being, so I was beginning to worry. Silly me. Not only did the doc use "mitochondrial disease" correctly in a sentence, but she willingly gave us pain medication. Mito patients can't take Tylenol and Advil isn't recommended, so he takes Ultram for pain. It is not a narcotic, but it is a prescription. With a double ear infection, I was thinking we might need something tonight.

We headed across the road to a Meijer, a local Walmart-like store for the prescriptions (pain meds and antibiotic) and some groceries. Will is fading fast, so I am getting worried. When he gets mean, the IV moves to the top of the "to-do" list...having him attempt to run me over with the grocery cart wasn't the nicest thing he has ever done...Needless to say, the IV was at the very top of the to-do list.

We made it safely to the Riggs's house. They were, of course, amazingly gracious and had already stocked the fridge and provided snacks for us. Being here is like the eye of the hurricane. Peaceful. Just when you wonder if you can really keep going, the Lord just blesses you with friends who inexplicably love you and want to care for you.

Will is currently on an IV, he is still looking really rough, though, so I definitely am watching him closely. I just hope that he can hold his own with the fluids and won't require further intervention...

I did manage to forget my computer cord, so if there is a lapse in updates, it is because the battery died and I couldn't find one here. Tomorrow, a quest for a charger begins..

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