Monday, April 11, 2011

Upcoming Travel Schedule

As I am trying to conquer laundry so I can ship our clothes and school books ahead to Ohio, trying to get meals prepared for my family here, and answering the emails coming in regarding the impending trip, I'm a bit swamped. So, here's the short version...

Will and I have an Angel Flight Wednesday morning we hope. The weather is beginning to look a little iffy, but for now, the first flight is scheduled for 9 am. We should arrive in Beckley, WVA, where Charlie will pick us up for the second leg. That puts us in Cincinnati around lunch time.

Thursday Will has a CT scan at 4. Friday afternoon we see Dr. Crawford, the orthopedic, who will hopefully remove the encumbrance around Will's neck (his soft collar). We have several days off, then Wednesday we see the plastic surgeon who will reevaluate whether any further reconstruction is required for Will's palate.

That has us flying home on Thursday, April 21st.

If Will is separated from his soft collar, then he will come off of medical hold for Make-A-Wish, and those plans will once again move forward.

If the flight either way is canceled, I'm guessing I'll be driving a rental car to Ohio or home. Unfortunately, it appears that one of our cars is struggling with its transmission, the Jeep is unreliable, the van would cost a fortune to drive, and Billy needs it here.

Once we get settled in Ohio, I'll provide better information. Last week's 500 medical miles and this week's need to prepare for the trip is taking a toll...

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