Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Do You Still Trust?

Will was in the ER this afternoon/evening. (See prior post.) On the way home, we chatted, stopped for a slushy from Sonic (not on his diet, but sometimes the occasion warrants something special...), got gas, listened to music...We'd been together for hours on end, but we do this a lot, so it was a companionable ride.

Then the Aaron Shust song came on my IPod..."One Day." I started to cry and thought, "One day, Will is gonna be before the Lord and he's gonna be perfectly well!" It got me to thinking...

Before Will's first ever surgery, his first Chiari Decompression, we talked about what it entailed, and I asked him if he was afraid. He said, "No. I know in Whose care I am." He totally trusted that the Lord was in control of the situation. Fast forward almost three years and lots of medical issues...and 3 additional surgeries with 2 more looming. He is followed by almost a dozen doctors in three different states. He takes 12 drugs a day, most of them multiple times. One is an oily, gritty, foul liquid that he tries to avoid. :) (Can't say I blame him!) He receives a weekly IV which ties him to a pole, a bag, and the inside of the house for at least 8 hours. He has seen more ER visits in the last year than most of you will seen in a lifetime. (We don't know these nurses so well cause we just met 'em!)

Yet he doesn't complain. Yes, sometimes he's angry. Sometimes he just wants to be normal. But he doesn't complain and say, "Why me?" So in the car tonight, I was listening to this song, and tears came to my eyes, and I asked him if he was scared. And he said, "Wouldn't you be?" Well, yeah! Then I asked him if he still trusted in the Lord's care of him...and he whispered, "Yes. I couldn't do this if I didn't." And he was crying. I pulled over and just wanted to hold him. I really don't know how he does it.

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Anonymous said...

Came here for an update. Thank you for this blog! We continue to pray (and cry) right along with you.

Angie D